Ways to Recycle Your Old & Odd Socks

I don’t know about you but I am always finding odd socks in my sock drawer and although I don’t really mind wearing odd ones I do have an issue with holey ones. So, if you aren’t up for non-matching feet or if you don’t feeling like mending or darning like we did with Traid, then here are our top 6 ideas for recycling your socks.  

Six ways to recycle socks

ways to recycle socks

A simple DIY toy

Have a look in your (and your family’s) drawers and we’re sure it won’t be long until you find a lonely sock! With a few spare buttons and a bit of imagination, transforming it into a sock puppet is really easy – and little ones can help make them.   ways to recycle socks

No more draughts

Draughts are responsible for 15% of heat loss in our homes. Blocking draughts from leaky doors and windows can be a big help when trying to keep the heat in so why not use your old socks to make your own? Find out how to do it here.   ways to recycle socks

Clean Sweep

Alternatively, simply wear your sock as a glove so that you can easily wipe away the dust away from every nook and cranny possible – perfect for blinds, corner and hard-to-reach places.   ways to recycle socks

Music companion

Running? Take your music with you and jog to the beat with this so very simple sock armband idea. Easy.  

Touch screen friendly

We’d prefer to recommend a moment away from your smartphones and tablets, but for those times when you really need them, fingerless gloves are the perfect match on chilly days. Make your own ones from socks with just a few simple stitches.  

Store, cover & polish

And finally... the easiest ‘no mending’ solution ever. Use old socks for covering, storing and protecting shoes. Or even as a cloth for polishing them.   Have some ideas of your own? Or maybe you plan on trying these? Share your snaps with us so we can see how you got on @btreeclothing using #BTHOUGHTFUL_MAKES Love Emma Image sources: Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5

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