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Article: Wear, Love, Mend and Pass On

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Wear, Love, Mend and Pass On

We have our own mantra here at Thought: 'Wear me, love me, pass me on', and this truly runs through everything we do. We believe that buying key pieces you love and can wear with many items in your wardrobe is a great way of thinking when heading towards a sustainable wardrobe. However, when your clothing no longer has a use to you, it is equally important to explore responsible ways to pass these pieces on.

This month is Second Hand September, a campaign organised by Oxfam. The fashion industry has a huge impact on people and the planet; at present, around 13 million items of clothing end up in landfill in the UK every week. This month is a chance for us to reevaluate the relationship we have with our clothes, and make some small changes that can have a big impact.

Below are some ideas of how to think more consciously about our clothes this month:

Mend well-loved pieces

Whether it's a simple hole, or a loose thread, so often we put these pieces at the back of our wardrobe and forget about them, or at best they end up at the charity shop. Discover our creative techniques to repair pieces that you love, so you can wear them again, good as new.

Donate Unwanted Items

Traid is back up and running after lockdown, and will collect your unwanted donations from home. Quick and easy, you just need to request a pick up and let them know how many bags you'll be donating. Click here to book a collection. In addition to this, pop by your local charity shop and see if they are collecting donations.

Discover Cherished Pieces in Your Local Charity Shop

After the big lockdown clear out, you will be guaranteed to find some treasures in your local charity shop. Feel good about your purchases, knowing you've found some one-of-a-kind items that have been loved by someone before.

Discover more about how to support a longer life for your clothes here

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