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the fabric:

recycled materials

New life for pre-loved materials.

clothes that help clean up our planet. these innovative eco-friendly fabrics are created entirely from pre-existing materials. looks great, feels even better.

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the process:

We use discarded textiles and plastic waste to create something new. Recycled polyester takes used pet bottles, which are cleaned, dried, and crushed into small chips. Recycled nylon is created mostly from used fishing nets. the starting product is different, but the process is similar. The fishnets or chips are melted and passed through a spinneret to form long strings of yarn. The yarn is compressed to create the required texture - either a fluffy woolly finish, or soft, strong and smooth – this is then woven into fabric. We also use recycled wool. high quality fabric is rescued and repurposed.

the impact:

• Recycled uses up to 59% less energy and 32% less co2 than virgin polyester 

• Up to 60 million plastic bottles go into landfill every day and 600 million tons of fishing gear are dumped into the sea each year. repurposing plastic helps protect animals and ecosystems 

• Encourages circular production and lessens our dependence on non-renewable energy sources like petroleum 

• 500 litres of water are saved per kilo of recycled wool compared to virgin wool

the aftercare:

Highly durable and resistant to stretching, shrinking, abrasion and creases. Easy to wash and quick to dry.

wash instructions:

  • no ironing
  • no tumble drying

like the sound of recycled?

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