Fostering change

Small changes can make big differences. We want to share this thinking with others and we have a dedicated community where we can. Educating, supporting, skill-sharing and partnering with others make us stronger together. Giving back wherever and whenever we can is a core part of who we are.


Living more thoughtfully stands us all in good stead to reduce what we consume and think about our impact. This touches every part of our lives – how we live, how we dress, how we are, and what we do.

What we design is designed to be cyclical – we reimagine plastic bottles as garments, we source natural, sustainable fabrics, and again.

What happens after you’ve bought something matters just as much as making that purchase. (Just think of the water and power washing and drying clothes takes – then there’s the CO2 emissions it creates).

When it comes to clothes, the right care makes it easy to lessen the impact of them post purchase and disposing of them in a more responsible way, means less clothes to landfill.

We have our own mantra - Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On. Read on to find out more.

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Giving Back

The majority of our collection is womenswear and much of the time we are dressing working women. Professionals in offices, classrooms, the arts, and many more industries.

Supporting Smart Works, which we’ve done since 2015, is logical to us. They’re an incredible charity who provide support to aspiring, out-of-work women – with interview training and head-to-toe dressing.

Smart Works have offices in some of the UK’s major cities and have a great success rate in giving their clients the confidence to secure employment.

Every season we donate all our unworn production samples. And we add to this a selection of our current collection. This enables them to offer more choice to their clients and set them up for success.

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we have one planet

Clean air. Fresh water. Forests for future generations. Whatever we can do to protect the things we so often take for granted we will.

With so many elements to the environment we choose to support grassroot charities rather than those more established. We believe we can make more of a difference. We’ve proudly worked with…

Trees for Cities works on a national and international scale to cultivate lasting change in neighbourhoods. This includes revitalising forgotten spaces and growing food with children.

The Woodland Trust plant trees and protect woods all over the UK. The paper we use for printing is offset with tree planting.

Since 2015, we’ve held our Thoughtful Friday campaign, opposing the trend of mass consumerism. We donate 50% of the days’ sales to charity.

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buy one, give one

And every December we donate a pair of socks for every pair we sell. This has been running since 2015, and to date we’ve given over 50,,000 pairs of socks to incredibly worthy causes.


our partnerships

Sometimes, tackling things together is the way forward

In 2006 we became one of twenty founding partners to join the of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF); a collaborative movement to transform social and environmental standards in the fashion industry.

Working with them means we can share valuable knowledge with one another. We learn more about how to do business the right way. And our partnership helps us increase our efforts to build our brand, find more ways to give back, and more ways to lower our impact on the environment.

We are also founding members and heavily involved with Common Objective – the sister platform of the Ethical Fashion Forum. Created in 2016, the progressive platform's goal is to scale the efforts of the Ethical Fashion Forum.

We share the same vision of both Common Objective and the Ethical Fashion Forum. That's to make better, smarter, sustainable business decisions. Being part of both organisations brings us so many opportunities. > We're able to meet, learn, support and connect with like-minded others. It's invaluable.

We’re also extremely proud to be collaborating with London College of Fashion on their executive MBA in Fashion.

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“Thought recognised the importance of building and supporting a movement that was bigger than the business itself; achieving commercial sustainability that would make long term social and environmental impact possible.”

- Tamsin, Common Objective