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The fabric: MODAL

Silky soft and hyper-comfy.

breathable and silky smooth with a natural elasticity. this incredibly comfortable plant-based fabric is also biodegradable and renewable. win win.

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The process:

tencel modal is derived from naturally occurring beech trees in an entirely carbon neutral process.   

wood harvested from mature beech trees is broken down into pulp and the cellulose extracted. this cellulose is then pushed through shower-head-like spinnerets with tiny holes to form long fibers. these strands are then soaked in sulfuric acid until they form a soft and stretchy yarn, which is finally spun into lightweight durable modal fabric that’s twice as soft as cotton. 

this process uses less water and land than cotton and utilizes a renewable resource – beech trees – which naturally reseed and produce biodegradable waste. 

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the impact:

• carbon neutral process with a completely biodegradable product 

• minimal waste - up to 95% of which is recycled 

• uses up to 20 times less water than conventional cotton production

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The aftercare:

Wash cool to maintain its natural strength and elasticity, but don’t worry about ironing – it’s crease resistant.

wash instructions

no ironing
no ironing
no tumble drying
no tumble drying
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