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Fresh and refreshing.

a soft and silky sustainable alternative to viscose, created from renewable wood. much cleaner for the environment and much more caring on your skin.

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The process:

produced by lenzing in austria. sustainable wood is harvested from responsibly managed local forests and pulped. a purified fluffy cellulose is extracted from the wood pulp and solubilizedon-site in an innovative low-impact process. water input is kept to a minimum and less transportation means lower emissions.  the resulting solution is spun into ecovero viscose fibers, which are extended to increase production and environmental efficiency. these are woven into a smooth fabric.

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the impact:

• 50% less emissions and 50% less water than generic viscose 

• 100% chlorine free 

• Full supply chain transparency and certified EU Ecolabel. Meets high environmental standards throughout its life cycle: from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal.  

• Almost all of the chemicals used during EcoVero production are recovered and reused.

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The aftercare:

Easy-wash at a low temperature and quick to dry naturally.

wash instructions

no ironing
no ironing
no tumble drying
no tumble drying
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