our commitments

Can fashion ever truly be responsible? Yes, when you choose style and good design over trends. Buy better, buy less.

The future? There’s always more to do. We will always deliver considered design, responsible sourcing and keep fostering change. We keep looking for ways to do more because small changes add up. What’s important is to keep ‘doing’.

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Considered design:

People who come to us are interested in more than just sustainable clothes. Thought is a way of life. Our clothes complement a thoughtful mindset, spark joy when worn, and stand the test of time. 


Put simply, we design our collections with care, an eye for individualism, and using great materials. We don’t engage in practices that harm the environment. That’s it.

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Responsible sourcing:

The best possible practice is the only way for us. We use industry standards to ensure our processes are the highest recognised benchmarks they can be. We learn, adapt and constantly evolve.

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Fostering change:

Small changes can make big differences, and even spark joy. We want to share this thinking with others and we have a dedicated community and blog where we can. Educating, supporting, skill-sharing, and partnering with others makes us all stronger.