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Kind to your skin, kind to the planet.

always organic, increasingly fairtrade, and deliciously soft on your skin, because it is possible to take care of the planet, support farmers and feel good at the same time.

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The process:

we have eliminated all chemicals from our cotton production, to reduce co2 emissions, prioritise soil health and promote biodiversity. farmers sow the cotton seeds into a rich organic compost, leave it to grow and then harvest the bolls naturally – by hand - when they are ready. these bolls are then transferred into the ginning factory where they are cleaned up and plucked apart, creating our cotton fibres. the fibres are combed and spun into a soft, textured yarn, which is woven into fabric and made into your soft comfy clothes!  

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the impact:

• the process of growing and weaving our cotton is organic from seed to stitch. organic and gots certified cotton eliminates harmful chemicals, uses up to 91% less water, and 46 % less co2 than conventionally grown 

• this is much better for the environment, protects soil health, promotes biodiversity and helps combat climate change. 

• our fairtrade farmers are treated well and paid properly, at least a living wage. they also aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals at work because we don’t use them!

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The aftercare:

Easy breezy. Just a gentle wash at 30 or 40 degrees will freshen it up.

wash instructions

no ironing
no ironing
no tumble drying
no tumble drying
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