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Article: Eco-Friendly Ideas: 8 Little Ways To Make A Big Difference


Eco-Friendly Ideas: 8 Little Ways To Make A Big Difference

As a sustainable fashion business, we consider how everything we do impacts the planet. From where we source our fabrics, to how we make our clothes, and even how we wrap them when they're delivered to you. (Our packaging uses recycled materials – and you can recycle it again). And this ethos extends to our lives, our homes. There are lots of really easy ways to lessen your impact on the environment all round. And there are just as many you can overlook - like just how bad it is using disposable razors (more on that below). This brought me to thinking about a few things you might not instantly think about doing – and the following eight eco friendly ideas to inspire you. It really is a case of a little bit of thought, a big difference!

Eco-Friendly Ideas: 8 Little Ways To Make a Big Difference

Eco Friendly Ideas

1. Find a source for local meat and eggs

And check that they use butcher paper rather than Styrofoam to wrap produce. Here are easy places to look near you:

2. Compost your food waste

This does involve worms! Particularly if you don’t have a garden or live in the city without a communal compost area. Take the plunge and build a wormery with a small bucket, used newspaper, and some ‘Red Wrigglers’. There are lots of tips online on how to do it – have a look here. If you do have a garden (even a tiny one) you could try the Bokashi Method. It uses a wheat bran to ‘pickle’ your veg and meat waste. You’ll need a small bin and the bran to get started.

3. Ditch using disposable razors

This is one I’m guilty of. And as of writing this I’m going to commit to buying a razor with a replaceable blade. It’s funny the things you just don’t think about. Ultimately, the plastic from disposable razors is going straight to landfill or worse – oceans. This stops now for me and I urge you do the same. Eco Friendly Ideas

4. Water-cooler in the office?

Remove any plastic or paper cups. And instead, ask colleagues to use a washable cup from the kitchen. Or suggest eco-friendly bottles from somewhere like One Green Bottle.

5. Make your own fabric softener

I skip using this all together. If you do want to use it, try Wendy from Moral Fibres’ easy-to-make and eco-friendly option.

6. Water house plants with rain water

Collect it in empty jam or food jars. I also use glasses of water I haven’t finished overnight to water plants. Eco Friendly Ideas

7. Commit to NO plastic bags

I have a friend who commits to a new environmentally friendly idea every year. This is her 2017 pledge, which I’m tagging onto and encourage you to too. Just carry a cotton tote with you when you’re out and about; some of them fold up really small.

8. Walk! Or cycle

Beat the traffic and get there faster on two wheels. Or set off earlier and take a leisurely stroll now the weather’s better. I know Becky often cycles to work. I cycle around town in Brighton, where I live, and it’s much, much faster. Eco Friendly Ideas If you have some of your own lesser-known eco friendly ideas I’d love to hear about them – just jot down a comment here or write to us on Facebook. Clare Eco Friendly Ideas  

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