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in conversation with designer Rhian Pownceby

Who: Interior Designer, Rhian Pownceby, founder of Rhian Pownceby Design - a luxury interior design and creative direction studio. She is also a mother and Pilates fan.
 Rhian in Thought's Camden Check Hemp Dress
Why we love her: Rhian has 2o+ years’ experience delivering tailored interiors and design for both private and public spaces, many of which showcase sustainable, ethical homewares. She believes luxury is design that makes you feel good.
Does space affect wellbeing?
We aim to create beautiful, unique and functional spaces that keep the well-being of the client and or their customers at the forefront of the design process.
For us, luxury is about inspiring a sense of happiness, making you feel comfortable and at peace in your environment.
Juggling family and business responsibilities is definitely something that takes time to figure out. You are in charge of your own schedule which is great but as a founder you can never quite switch off. Having to be a lot of things to a lot of people all at once is demanding but also very rewarding when things come together successfully.
Being able to decide which projects you want to take on and who you want to work with, identifying clients and companies whose values align with my own and who have subsequently become friends is a joy! 
We go about this in stages:
The first step is an initial consultation where we find out about the project, gain an idea on budget and understand the brief.
We then work on a design direction and make sure we will be a good fit for the client.
We work with the client to refine the full scope of works before moving on to the design stage; producing mood boards, materials boards and floor plans for each room or space.
When the concept and design has been agreed, we work on the implementation phase which basically means getting the job done- hiring of contractors and any other tradespeople required for the job, procurement of all interior elements, project management and then finally installation!
In my professional life I try to keep sustainability and worker welfare at the forefront of what I do and make design choices around it. I purchase items that will last, and choose companies and brands that hold sustainability as a priority.
In my daily life I try to work to the same standards, whether that be decision making on interior pieces, fashion or everyday household items.
I try to be more conscious in choosing items that I understand the provenance of, how they have been made, and use little or no non-recyclable or single use plastic. I’m also mindful of how much energy we use at home and use public transport or walk, instead of driving where possible.
I think all these little things add up and it’s about all of us moving through this planet in a mindful way.

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