In Conversation With Our #DENIMKIND Muses

For our #DENIMKIND collection, we featured five amazing women who are influential in making positive change in and around their community. Filmed and shot in the area that each woman lives and works, the campaign seeks to reflect the lives of real women who will be wearing our new denim collection. We asked each muse some questions about themselves and how they find their sense of confidence. Read on as we introduce you to each of our muses for #DENIMKIND.


Amy Thomson, Founder of Moody

Amy Thomson founded the health tech app Moody month in 2018, as there was no technology to allow women to track and understand their everyday health and hormone changes. Working alongside a team of doctors and engineers, the app has become a daily health support for over 100,000 women. In March 2021 Moody, a Women's 21st Century Hormone Guide will be published, to help more women understand not just how their hormones affect their daily mental and physical wellbeing, but how to optimise these cycles through health choices and thoughtful living.

Amy wears the Straight fit jeans in Dark Blue wash.


What has been inspiring you recently?

The power people have when they come together to overcome pain or fear. We are still living with so many global stresses, but there is so much hope in how people have unified recently.

When do you feel most confident?

When I am supported by my team, friends and family. Life is a team sport!

What have you been doing to live more thoughtfully?

I live by my cycle, understanding when to push myself and when to give myself breaks each month. Our hormones give us emotional and physical signals and signs we can listen to, to help guide our emotional and physical health. I listen to my body to know what my mind needs.


Tamsin Lejeune, Founder of C0mmon Objective

A powerhouse in the world of sustainable fashion, Tamsin is the CEO of Common Objective, an intelligent business network for the fashion industry, as well as the founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), an industry movement for sustainable fashion, and the SOURCE platform. Prior to this, Tamsin ran a fairtrade fashion brand, producing in Bangladesh.

Tamsin wears the Pinafore dress.


What has been inspiring you recently?

Myself and the team at Common Objective are working towards CO Expo later this year, a showcase of the world’s most inspiring suppliers and factories producing for the fashion industry. Led by entrepreneurs and pioneers who have dedicated their lives to making a difference for the communities they support and for the environment, against the odds and in some of the most challenging places in the world, they are life affirming.

When do you feel most confident?

Growing up and in my youth, I was hopelessly afraid of public speaking. I would tremble like a leaf at the thought of standing in front of even a small group. But founding and running the Ethical Fashion Forum forced me into situations where I had no choice but to talk to large audiences (or give up the idea of having any impact) so many times, that I slowly lost my fear. Now I really love the opportunity to speak publicly - the adrenaline rush, and the feeling that if it goes well, it could really make a difference - probably more than anything else I could do in the same amount of time.

What have you been doing to live more thoughtfully?

Planning the parties and events I will organise for all the people I love - when we are finally able to bring people together. It keeps me sane!


Zara Saleem, Founder of Delhicious Body

Delhicious Body is a 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand based in London, inspired by powerful Ayurvedic roots, cultural beauty routines and natural ingredients. Created by ex-teacher Zara who noticed a lack of natural beauty products with Indian roots in the mass market which also had a wider appeal. She developed her award-winning Indian Black Tea body scrub range after experiencing a skin condition during her pregnancy and wanting to avoid using products that contained steroids, parabens or any other chemicals. 10% of all profits are donated to help stop human trafficking of young girls in India.

Zara wears the Skinny jeans in Dark Blue wash.


What has been inspiring you recently?

Perhaps this is the effect of the recent pandemic but I’ve recently become ever-so-slightly obsessed with home décor! I’m particularly drawn to interior design accounts on Instagram which have pastel interiors as I am a total sucker for a pastel palette (something I’ve incorporated into my own skincare brand, so anything pastel I am drawn to like a moth to a flame!). I feel really inspired to create areas of comfort in my own home seeing as it’s something we’ve all had to adjust to being in more! I’m also very inspired by other small businesses and I'm a big supporter of female founded businesses.

When do you feel most confident?

I feel most confident when I am dressing in clothes that make me feel good for myself and practicing self-care. I do have a very busy lifestyle so sometimes I am guilty of forgetting my own needs, so making time for myself even if that means just putting some makeup on, putting a nice outfit on or taking some time to do my skincare routine is when I feel my best.

What have you been doing to live more thoughtfully?

I definitely have a more thoughtful way of living in the way that I consume. Whether it’s in my beauty products or the general way in which I shop. I now purchase a lot of items from second-hand resellers where the price may be more but the quality just makes it a lifelong purchase. I have key items which I bought years ago which I rotate on a seasonal basis. I also meal plan to reduce wastage and avoid plastic where possible.


Tabara N'Diaye, Founder of La Basketry

Businesswoman and author Tabara launched La Basketry in 2017 as an online boutique, offering baskets and unique woven products for the home, all handwoven by a group of female artisans from Senegal. Her first collection, also stocked at the Victoria and Albert Museum, helped to create a platform to share Senegalese craftsmanship with the world. Her book ‘Baskets’ features 16 basket-making projects to help teach, inform and inspire.

Tabara wears the Denim Jacket in mid-blue wash.


What has been inspiring you recently?

I’m forever inspired by colour — I’m currently revisiting some books about textiles and African art.

When do you feel most confident?

I feel most confident when I’m being creative. I love the creative process behind running my own business and all the different outlets it’s allowing me to explore.

What have you been doing to live more thoughtfully?

I have a bit of a routine that involves journaling, reading, moving my body; it's very important to me and helps me to start the day right.


Olivia Crighton, Founder of Glasshouse Salon

Olivia Crighton is the founder of Glasshouse Salon and A Sustainable Department Store. Olivia trained as a hair stylist in her native New Zealand and, after moving to London, became surprised by the lack of organic and wellbeing-focused salons. This led her to set up Glasshouse Salon in East London in 2013 — London's first sustainable salon that specialises in modern cuts and colours with an emphasis on the long-term condition of the hair. Olivia is a true believer in an uncomplicated and organic approach to hair and beauty and practices a natural and plant-based lifestyle herself.

Olivia wears the High-rise Culottes in white.


What has been inspiring you recently?

Given we are not able to attend galleries or favourite indoor spaces at the moment, I have been practicing finding joy and beauty in the little things around me in my day to day life — nature, friendships, movement, my daughter.

When do you feel most confident?

When I feel centred and grounded is when I feel my most confident. I try to take the time to find self-confidence from within myself instead of attempting to source it from outside influences — my homework is always to work on reprogramming negative self-talk and judgments through the likes of mindfulness.

What have you been doing to live more thoughtfully?

I feel in this current time we are living through it’s difficult to not get swept up into collective fear — personally, I have been making sure to make breaks from news/media as well as technology in general. Sometimes this just means some breathing work or taking a break to get into nature, or often just taking some time to be quiet and still on my own.


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