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Article: Meet Georgie from Forgotten Delights

Meet Georgie from Forgotten Delights - Thought Clothing UK

Meet Georgie from Forgotten Delights

we'd love to introduce you to georgie williams, founder of 'Forgotten Delights'. we spent the morning with georgie and caught a glimpse of her day to day.
georgie with cake
Hi Georgie! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a 31 year old woman living in the heart of east London. By day I work in TV and by night I cook my way through 1968. I come from a big bilingual family with lots of women and food was always at the heart of our home growing up. 
how did you start forgotten delights?
one weekend I was antique shopping in a South London when my eyes were drawn to a vintage cabinet from the 1960s. I bought it on the spot but unbeknown to me I had also unwittingly purchased something else. When I opened the cupboard at home, I stumbled upon an intricate handwritten diary-turned-recipe book dated 1968.
Each recipe was accompanied by notes. one day I decided to start documenting cooking each recipe from the diary. I became completely engrossed in it and have so many questions: Who was this person, and what must it have been like to be a woman in 1960s or 1970s Britain? I challenged myself to work through the book page by page, recipe by recipe on a quest to try and find out who the owner of the diary is.
how do you feel when you're cooking?
Cooking for me is one of the most comforting and therapeutic processes. There is no better feeling than to treat yourself to a delicious meal or homemade dessert after a tiresome day. To me cooking is an act of self care and self love. 
what was your favourite piece to wear from our collection, and how did it make you feel?
I felt so fabulous in the clay hat, shorts and blouse co-ord. I had a true 60s moment. A nod to the era in which the diary was written. 
what are you doing to live more thoughtfully?
I always try to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle and bring that ethos to all aspects of my life. I cycle most places, I recycle, I use a filter jug instead of plastic bottled water, I buy most of my food from local farmers markets.

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