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Article: World Oceans Day 2021

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World Oceans Day 2021

Today is World Oceans Day, an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits we get from the ocean and acknowledge our responsibility to use its resources sustainably. It is also a chance for us to celebrate the beauty of the ocean, what it provides for us physically, and the way it calms us mentally. We highlight some resources we hope you find helpful today on World Ocean Day.

Books to Read

Reef Life, Brandon Cole

This book is perfect for those who enjoy identifying sea life, featuring hundreds of sea animals and fish.

Saving Turtles, Sue Carstairs

The perfect kids guide to the sea, evoking both a sense of urgency and wonder. Both informative and fascinating, this book is both informative and beautiful.

World Ocean Census, Darlene Trew Crist

Packed full of beautiful photos, this book explores the height and depth of marine life.

Podcasts to Listen to

Making Fish Without the Fish, Michael Selden

Michael Selden is the CEO of the world's first cellular agriculture company, which produces fish without the mercury, plastics and cruelty. This podcast gives valuable insight into his work, discovery and insight into the way the seafood industry is ruining our planet.

World Ocean Radio

This podcast is dedicated to updating its listeners on the state of the ocean, and ways we can work together to make it a healthier, happier place.

Meet the Ocean

Meet the Ocean is a listener-supported podcast and non-profit, focussed around creating meaningful, educational content.

Films to Watch

Chasing Coral

A beautiful documentary that showcases an incredible underwater campaign by professional divers, scientists and photographers.

Sonic Sea

Sonic Sea focusses on protecting life in our waters from the huge amount of noise pollution in our oceans.

The Story of Plastic

A feature-length documentary exploring the problems of plastic pollution and its effects on the ocean.

Discover ways to reduce your plastic pollution and help to protect our planet



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