I’ve got secret information you need to know; plants are great and are the superior flora over cut flowers. A bunch of stunning chrysanthemums are pretty and smell nice for about a week. Treat a plant right and it will be your lifelong companion. Buy a candle.

Plants are much more sustainable than buying cut flowers. The floral industry causes a lot of damage to the environment, especially around ‘floral peak’ holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day

Plants can also improve your general wellness by reducing stress and anxiety; plant care = self care! But my absolute favourite thing about plants… they can help cleanse the air in your living space.

Keep reading to discover what types of plants have the best air-purifying qualities to improve your living space.

Devil’s Ivy

Apparently harder to kill than keep alive, when you get the conditions right these powerful plants will thrive. Be wary if you have children or pets, as Devil’s Ivy is toxic to ingest.

Dwarf Date Palm

Essentially a mini Beverley Hills style palm-tree for your house. It can be set outside during summer to autumn then brought inside during colder temperatures.


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Peace Lily

Peace lillies come in a variety of sizes and are great to clearing the air from toxins. Native to tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia; they love to be moist. So water them more if you want them to bloom. Though, word of warning, if you have cats you should be careful as lillies are poisonous. I leave mine in a constant state of mortal suspension to avoid deadly flowering.


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Quite often, the language of plant care suggests a simplistic symptom/remedy style of care – if yellowed leaves, then overwatering; if browned tips, raise the humidity or let your water sit for 24 hours to let the chlorine dissipate. This not only causes panic and promotes a poor mental model of how plants work, it doesn’t leave room for natural processes like leaf turnover and blemishes from hard work – older leaves WILL yellow and die as new ones grow; tips WILL eventually become brown. You are a plant parent! You’re not baking a cake or maintaining a piece of furniture. – 1️⃣ This is my peace lily, which is coming up to 5 years living with me. It started in a 6″ pot and moved up to 8″ and now, a 12″ pot. It looks pretty much “perfect” but just a few minutes ago… 2️⃣ 3️⃣ The plant had several yellowed leaves. Conventional wisdom would say this is a sign of “overwatering” but clearly, the plant would not be alive for 5 years if I consistently watered when the soil was already moist. 4️⃣ And a closer look will show that pretty much ALL the older leaves have browned tips (left to right – oldest to newest). Since I know my plant is growing well, I know that leaf turnover and older leaves browing at the tips are just realities of peace lily ownership. – The most satisfied plant parents are those who appreciate how plants grow as opposed to just how they look now. ~ ~ #peacelily #spathiphyllum #houseplantclub #houseplants #wisdom #plants #plantas #plantgoals #iloveplants #gardening #botanical #greenthumb #plantlife #chasinglight #plantlove #plantlover #horticulture #houseplantjournal #urbanjunglebloggers #plantstyling #indoorplants

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Spider Plant

Spider plants are a fun and playful without being too high maintenance, they can adapt to bright to filtered light and like to be semi-moist with average humidity.

Pineapple Plant

The iconically instagrammable plant is infamous amongst bloggers. Often featured on instagram as the chicest of blooms. Fun fact: you can make your own pineapple plant literally from the top of a pineapple!

Snake Plant

According to NASA (yes, that NASA), this is the number 1 plant for cleaner air. They have cactus vibes without causing injury if you accidentally brush up against it. I have 4 snake plants littered around my home and I will no doubt obtain more in the future.

English Ivy

A plant I was taught to be afraid of in primary school apparently is one of the best buds out there for cleaner air. To make the most of your English Ivy quaintness, it should be hung from a crumbling barn rafter or draped down shelves full of antique poetry books.

Bamboo Palm

Having bamboo palms in your home makes you feel like pandas are close by, which for some reason I find very calming.

Chinese Evergreen

If you want to look like a pro, this plant is for you. A slightly higher level of difficulty is rewarded by higher level air-purifying qualities. Spraying the leaves with water will make the plant feel like it’s at home in a tropical rainforest, whilst also escalating your plant lady lifestyle.

What’s your favourite house plant? Join us in the comments…