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One of my guilty pleasures is to watch recreations of old world crafts, this video is one of my favourites. The making of a 18th century Puzzle Jug, used to entertainment patrons in pubs alongside in England (imagine doing this with a £5 pint in 21st century London!)

“Here, Gentlemen, come try your skill / I’ll hold a wager if you will / That you don’t drink this liquor all / Without you spill and let some fall.”


Australian artist Laura Jones has been a big source of inspiration for Rachel, our Creative Director. Jones’ use of bright colour and abstract floral imagery creates a fun yet sophisticated body of work. We love her behind the scenes posts showing the creative process and her amazing style too!


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Written by Professor of Linguistics, Deborah Tannen, You’re the only one I can tell is a celebration of the highs and lows of female friendships through the lens of language. Perfect for anyone interested in the portrayal of women in the media and their own personal connections.


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Drink, Shop, Do is known as a hub of fun activities for Londoners. The array of events from a toast-sculpture making contest to a neon life drawing class, Drink, Shop, Do is the ideal place to explore the eclectic!

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