We are delighted to welcome 58 Lifestyle to our Thought Living collection. 58 Lifestyle answers the call for more sustainable and natural living. In a world stuck in fast forward, lifestyles filled with synthetic living and instant gratification, 58 offers a purer, natural solution which is both sustainable and nourishing for the body and soul.

To celebrate the launch of their edit with us, 58 Lifestyle have collated a step-by-step guide to creating a relaxing, natural spa session. Press pause on life and take time to reset your mind, body and soul with 58 Lifestyle’s luxury pampering products to bring a heavenly natural spa ritual to your home.


At the end of your day, take time to breathe. Light the 58 Lifestyle Eco-soy candle and allow the uplifting notes to permeate the air around you. Allow you breathing to become deeper, slower, let your body release the stresses that you are holding inside…breathe out your day, breathe in clean and fresh air and thoughts.

58 Organic Luxury Eco-Soy Candle


As you transition to a more restful state, enjoy a warm and relaxing bath or shower. Take your time, allow the feel of the warm water to help your muscles to release the tension of the day. Enjoy the cleansing and soothing feel of the 58 Lifestyle body wash infused with organic and natural oils that work deeply to promote heightened relaxation. Whether you tension stems from exercise or simply being on constant fast forward, take time to let your muscles transition to a more relaxed state.

58 Organic Body Wash With Fennel Extract


Stress can take its toll on your skin, whilst we might always think about our face as a matter of course, the skin on our bodies needs just as much care. The 58 Lifestyle body cream offers optimum natural hydration with only pure and organically sourced ingredients. Take this opportunity to massage deeply into the skin using circular motions to encourage circulation and detoxification. The subtly veil of scent will assist you to maintain a balanced mind-set and help you to transition to a more restful state.

58 Organic Body Cream With Fennel Extract


To finish your spa session, ease your mind with some light meditation or reading. Make your home your oasis of calm with the calming scent of 58 Lifestyle’s Balancing Blend with the luxury reed diffuser that naturally and continually disperses the scent. Wherever you need it the most, the scent will be a reminder to stop, take a breath and be kind to yourself.

58 Balancing Reed Diffuser

58 Lifestyle’s Balancing Blend

With proven wellbeing properties, 58 Lifestyle’s iconic Balancing Blend is a naturally-derived fragrance; carefully blended to harmonise and uplift with a clean and crisp freshness. Scent has a powerful effect on the mind. This connection between mind and scent is at the heart of 58 Lifestyle’s home ritual. This aromatic and nurturing collection is founded on the belief that nature can provide us with everything we need to nourish and support our physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Balancing Blend contains top notes of Green Mandarin, Jasmine, Geranium, Coriander & Ylang Ylang. The bright refreshing top notes give the blend a fresh, optimistic scent which helps to bring about clarity enabling us to feel balanced and harmonised. 58 Lifestyle encourages the incorporation of the Balancing Blend into both your self care ritual and your home environment. By encapsulating the scent into the air that you breath and the care of your skin, the individual elements work deeply to rebalance the mind, boost the mood and nourish the skin.

58 Organic Hand Wash With Fennel Extract


58 Lifestyle was developed by Michal Cohen-Sagi, who founded 58 South Molton St Wellbeing Clinic with her husband Noam Sagi. Michal Cohen-Sagi spent 16 years working for leading international corporate companies travelling the world, eating sporadically and unhealthily until the effects started to take their toll on her health.

"After personally feeling the effects of fast forward living, I created the 58 Lifestyle collection to offer a natural antidote to the stresses of life. The collection is founded entirely on the principals of rebalancing mind, body and soul using only nature's finest and purest ingredients. With a conscious commitment to preserving our environment, the collection is entirely sustainably sourced and manufactured in the UK and presented in recycled and recyclable containers.

Having long been an admirer of We Are Thought's ethics and values, I am delighted to be able to join a community of kindred spirits as we work together to offer the very best quality products with respect for our precious planet." Michal Cohen-Sagi


Michal Cohen-Sagi


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