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How do we try and do better for the planet?

"Each season we look to do better than the season before. Whether that is working with a factory to improve their certificates, sourcing a new sustainable yarn, working with our suppliers to improve accreditation or partnering with a business in the sustainable space to improve our closed loop possibilities.”

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from our founders...

thought hasn’t appeared overnight. it’s taken many a rolled up sleeve, late nights, and steely determination.

our love for natural and sustainable fabrics is where everything began. the first styles we made were simple. we were eager to show the beauty of these kinder yarns so didn’t overcomplicate our designs.

we discovered the yarns really came into their own when carefully cut and sewn as the simplest of tunic dresses, a classic shirt. more designs that let this raw beauty come through are what happened next.

today, there’s still a simplicity in silhouette that we haven’t lost. it’s what brings an air of timelessness and wearability to our pieces.

john & rachel

“We’ve loved every minute of building this business, from developing our collections to discovering new materials and more sustainable techniques, to all the people we’ve made friends with along the way. To us, thoughtful living really is a joy.”

John and Rachel - thought founders
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we’re now stocked across the uk, europe and the rest of the world. we only work with stockists who share our sustainable ethos, so you’re in safe hands. happy shopping.