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Article: Make it: DIY Bird Feeder

BThoughtful Blog DIY Bird Feeder

Make it: DIY Bird Feeder

This is brilliantly easy and will bring lots more birds to the smallest of gardens. I only have a balcony - but could easily hang one of these and watch the birds (and most likely, squirrels!) come and go. It's also a great way to recycle any old plastic bottles you have and you can easily pick up some second-hand wooden spoons. If you have kids, why not help them make their own bird feeder? Here's how to do it... DIY bird feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Tutorial

For your DIY Bird Feeder you will need One empty plastic bottle Two wooden spoons Scissors or a craft knife A small piece of rope or gardening wire (enough to make a hanging loop) Bird seed (from gardening centres or pet shops) DIY Bird Feeder Tutorial How to mkae your DIY Bird Feeder 1. Carefully cut a small hole on one side of your empty bottle, about half-way down. The hole should be just wide enough for you to slip the spoon’s handle through. 2. Cut a second hole, at a slight downwards angle, so you can slip the spoon’s handle completely through the bottle. Seeds (and a bird!) should be able to rest on the widest part of the spoon. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with a second spoon. 4. Fill your bottle with bird seed. 5. Tie your string, or wrap your gardening wire, around the neck of your bottle and hang it outdoors. Plastic Bottle DIY Bird Feeder If you’d like something even simpler, you could try hanging up an old teapot (by the handle). It’s another great way to recycle, and looks really pretty in the right spot. Don't forget to send us a few snaps of birds visiting your DIY bird feeder if you make one. Tag your photos with #madewiththought and @btreeclothing. Clare x Adapted from Make And Takes’ tutorial.

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