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Article: The King’s edition

The King’s edition

The King’s edition

As today will see the Coronation Ceremony of His Majesty King Charles III, alongside the Queen Consort, we thought we’d take a little time out to explore our new monarch’s sustainability credentials… 

The King’s speech 

Our new king spent almost 6 decades as Prince Charles, during which time he made something of a name for himself as an eco-warrior. He gave his first speech on environmentalism back in 1968 - long before the climate crisis was a major part of public discourse. 

The Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA) 

King Charles started this alliance just 3 years ago. Its aim is to accelerate the transition to a circular bioeconomy that is climate neutral, inclusive and prospers in harmony with nature. Its members offer expertise on a range of projects and include intergovernmental organizations, companies, investors, research organisations and non-governmental organisations. 

Simple swaps 

King Charles has made a number of home swaps to try and reduce his carbon footprint, for example, switching the heating of Birkhall to biomass boilers and installing solar panels at Clarence House. 

Sustainable charities 

The King founded The Prince’s Foundation 1986, which champions a sustainable approach to how we live our lives and build our communities. 

And started the Prince’s Countryside Fund in 2010, which has carried out work including support for farmer networks and cooperatives to funding for community run shops and pubs, transport schemes in isolated areas, and business skills support for enterprises in the countryside. 

The last word… from King Charles III 

“The mistake is to think that clever technology can solve everything, but it can’t solve our relationship with nature, which is where I think it’s gone wrong in that we have somehow abandoned our proper connection with nature.” - King Charles III 


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