Whilst browsing through Pinterest last week we discovered this fun DIY hand-dyed flower project; turning ordinary flowers into beautiful colourful blooms by using just a few drops of food colouring… And we just had to try it out for ourselves!

DIY How To Dye Flowers
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Hand-dying flowers at home is a creative way to make a fun and quirky gift, and using recycled glass jars as vases means they look pretty whilst they’re dying too. This project is super easy, doesn’t require any expensive tools or skills and can be an educational fun experiment for kids too!

Here’s what you’ll need…

White roses, carnations, or any other long stemmed flower

Glass vases or jars

Food colouring

Sharp scissors

DIY How To Dye Flowers

Here’s what to do…

1. Select your flowers of choice: Daisies, Carnations and Roses work well, but choose whatever, be wild! Cut the stems diagonally, chopping a couple of inches off each stem. By doing this, the flower will absorb more water and live longer.

2. Fill your glass jars with water and add 15 – 20 drops of food colouring. The amount of food colouring to add depends on the hue you’re trying to achieve… For a deeper, more vibrant colour, simply add more food colouring.

3. Add your freshly cut flowers into the glass jars and leave for 2 – 3 days. For a less intense effect, just leave for a day or for a bold statement leave for 5 days.

4. Wait patiently… You should start to notice the petals changing colour overnight. The veins in the flower stems will suck the coloured water from the bottom of the stems all the way to the tips of the flower petals. While the flowers are dying, you could make your own card to match the bouquet if you’re planning on presenting them as a gift.

5. Once the flowers have reached the desired colour, remove them from the coloured water and place in fresh water.

DIY How To Dye Flowers

Top Tips…

* Use a glass vase rather than a plastic container when dying flowers because the dye is likely to stain the plastic. Plus the coloured water in the vases looks super pretty too!

* Before gifting them let the stems soak up some fresh clean water so the colour doesn’t leak everywhere.

* Darker dyes such as blue and green work best. Pink and yellow dyes tend to have a less intense colour.

* For a dramatic floral arrangement, try using black ink to dye flowers black (perfect for Halloween next month!)

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With Love, Jo x