As a small business we thought it would be great for you, our community, to get to know some of the team here at Thought.

First up is Aviva, our Commercial Director with a penchant for pottery! Keep reading to find out about what she is doing to pass the time and her favourite Thought pieces.

Aviva wears: Fairtrade Organic Cotton Tee in white, Miriam Hemp Spot Print Dress.

What’s your favourite part of your job at Thought?

I love my role at Thought as it touches every aspect of the business and every person who works at Thought. No two days are the same – one day I’m looking at gorgeous garments in a buy meeting, analysing sales trends, or maybe with my sales team and the next I might be reviewing design trademarks. I love that it keeps me on my toes!

Where are you currently living?

I live in leafy North London with my Hubby David (who didn’t like it when I kept laughing as I cut his hair) and my son Maxim who was living in Paris before lockdown and is now holed up in his bedroom watching Netflix.

What’s one way you are living more thoughtfully?

We are finding clever ways of using all the food that has been sitting in our cupboard (possibly for years), so no stockpiling here. No need to buy food – when it’s already here. Every Saturday we have a family challenge, like the ‘Bake Off’ technical round!

Left to right, Aviva wears: Ciao Bella Jumper and Queenie Organic Cotton Jeans. Lyme Hemp Printed Top with Sheng Trousers.

What are you missing the most during these times?

Of course I miss my friends and family – it goes without saying, but also spending time in the galleries of London. I spotted in my diary that I have tickets the opening of the V&A bags exhibition today, hopefully I’ll see it one day!

Also I usually spend my Sundays learning to throw pots. I enjoy having those few hours of calm to myself.

Aviva’s pottery

What’s keeping you grounded and positive?

I started the couch to 5k and am on week 6 – gosh how time flies! I’ve also turned my garage into a gym, thankfully bought a few bits of kit when the shops were still open, so every morning before work I ‘spin’ or do some boxing..

Have you started trying your hand at anything new?

Since it doesn’t look like we’ll be going away for the summer we have decided to grow our own veg – knowing we will be around for the harvest. I’m not a gardener but I’m really enjoying learning!

What have you been cooking? 

I’m not amazing at cooking, I’m more about the planning! My son however has cooked a parsnip cake (I did say we had food to use up). Click here for the recipe.

Maxim’s parsnip cake

Who, or what is inspiring you right now?

I think after the initial shock we realise what a resilient bunch we are; looking after ourselves and each other. The community gathering together in times of crisis has been really inspiring.

How do you think we can all live more thoughtfully?

Definitely taking the time to become more aware of our environment and nature. I knew all my neighbours before this, but now we definitely feel more like a community.

Left to right, Aviva wears: Fairtrade Organic Cotton Top in pink with Maddalena Organic Cotton Trousers. Ellena Hemp Shirt with Justina Organic Cotton Culottes.

What’s your favourite piece from our SS20 Collection?

I enjoy wearing a lot of our pieces but I really love the Miriam Spot Print Dress and am definitely planning on wearing it to my sister’s birthday ‘Houseparty’ next week!

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Justine Organic Cotton Wide Leg Coulottes In Yellow
Justina Organic Cotton Wide Leg Coulottes
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Thank you, Aviva!