A Vegan diet is hugely beneficial for your health and the health of the planet.

It can help you maintain a healthy heart, improve kidney function, protect from type 2 diabetes and cancer. Going vegan is also the single most impactful lifestyle change you can make to reduce your environmental footprint. A month of veganism can save 30 animal lives, up to 620 pounds of harmful Co2 emissions,

But if you’re reading this you probably already know all that, so here’s the fun stuff – we’ve picked out some of our favourite vegan recipes to try this January, sorry, Veganuary.

Thai inspired peanut curry

This Asian inspired dish is so creamy and delicious. It’s also surprisingly easy to make. We love it.

Creamy polenta with red wine mushrooms

Some of our favourite ingredients combine in a quick and easy midweek meal to warm you up on a wintry evening. Tastes even better the day after.

Stuffed acorn squash with hazelnuts, quinoa and kale

Covering all food groups, this is incredibly nutritious and looks pretty impressive if you’re planning on hosting a vegan dinner party.

Sweet potato, squash and kale buddha bowl

Beautifully colourful and full of flavour. It’s also very healthy and suits all sorts of dietary requirements – vegan, gluten-free, high-fibre, low-calorie and filled with lots of good fats.